top 10 Gabrielle outfits


10) I don’t know which is more of an eyesore: this outfit or this entire season. I couldn’t not include this on my list

9) Gabrielle, I know you had, like, “””””a role””””” but did you really have to cosplay so hard?

8) Angry Right-Boob Tarot Card: Full of Pain and Righteous Fury

7) “Hot Lesbian Neighbor” the porno intro

6) Ancient Greece Swimsuit Model – Extra Abs edition

5) Blondes really can pull off wearing yellow! Find out more in season 4 episode 14!!

4) Janice Covington is living proof that Gabrielle truly is The World’s Softest Butch™


3) The Essential Gabrielle. Look me in the eye and tell me this isn’t the first outfit that pops to mind when you think of her. Don’t you lie to me.

2) listen I know I shit on season 5, but Archangel Gabrielle was such A Look

1) the abs!! the sais!!! the bracers and decorative beading! the softest of butch haircuts!! this is it. this is Peak Gabrielle

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